Snapchat for Android

Nowadays, more and more applications are being created to capture the interest of mobile and Internet users. If you were an avid photographer or someone who is into taking selfie shots, you would know that these days, thousands of photo-related applications could be downloaded to your phone. If you are an Android user, you may have heard about Snapchat for Android, another great app that paves the way for creativity and connecting with family and friends.

Get to Know Snapchat for Android

Snapchat is a popular application that most Android users have on their mobile device. This application is focused on taking real-time snapshots or photos of either you or the person you are chatting with at any given time. With this, you might wonder what exactly makes this application different especially when you can do the exact same thing even without it.

This application actually makes taking photos of real-time conversations much easier because it is already pre-programmed to your mobile device. For instance, instead of double clicking your gadget just to take a snapshot, you can already pre-program it so the image of your conversations can be captured.

Snapchat for Android

Other than this, the Snapchat application is also ideal if you want to take brief snapshots of your conversations with friends. Let’s say for instance you are talking to a friend from another country and your topic of conversation suddenly becomes intense. If you need help finding the best reply, you can send images of your conversations to your other friends so they will have the opportunity to read through it.

What makes this application even more interesting is the fact that you can pre-program the amount of time you would allow other people to have access to your captured images. If you wish to only share an image for about 10 seconds, you can do so and it will automatically be deleted from someone else’s mobile device without any trace.

Is it Only Available for Android?

If you are not an Android user, there’s no need for you to worry about downloading this application because it is also compatible and accessible if you are a MAC or Apple user. In fact, you can cross send images from Android to Apple and vice versa if you wish.

How Much Does it Cost

Another great news to those who wish to download the app is that it is absolutely free. You can enjoy all of its features at any given time without having to pay for it. Also, the application that you will be downloading will come in its full version unlike those that claim to be free but can only be accessed for a limited amount of time. This one in particular can be yours to join immediately after you download it to your phone or tablet.


Where to Download the Application

If you are convinced that this application is interesting and one that you would want to try, all you have to do is check out the Google Play application already downloaded to your mobile device. From there, search for the name Snapchat and you will find a couple of versions that you can download for free/

Some Snapchats can also record videos so if that’s the one that you want to have, go for that as well. Remember, it’s absolutely free so there’s nothing to worry about especially when it comes to cost.

Indeed, having Snapchat on Android is a great way of connecting with family and friends regardless if they are far from you or with you in the same room. You can play with your imagination and creativity when taking snapshots which makes it even more interesting. And since all of your photos can be deleted immediately after sending it to your friends, there’s also no need for you to worry about your privacy or the lack thereof.

So what are you still waiting for? If you are interested in trying this application, make sure to download it now. It’s worth it primarily because it offers a whole new experience when it comes to using your Android phone.

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